Source code for graphenecommon.witness

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from .exceptions import WitnessDoesNotExistsException
from .blockchainobject import BlockchainObject, BlockchainObjects
from .instance import AbstractBlockchainInstanceProvider

class Witness(BlockchainObject, AbstractBlockchainInstanceProvider):
    """ Read data about a witness in the chain

        :param str account_name: Name of the witness
        :param instance blockchain_instance: instance to use when accesing a RPC


    def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
        assert self.type_id or self.type_ids
        assert self.account_class
        BlockchainObject.__init__(self, *args, **kwargs)

[docs] def refresh(self): if self.test_valid_objectid(self.identifier): _, i, _ = self.identifier.split(".") if int(i) == 6: witness = self.blockchain.rpc.get_object(self.identifier) else: witness = self.blockchain.rpc.get_witness_by_account(self.identifier) else: account = self.account_class( self.identifier, blockchain_instance=self.blockchain ) witness = self.blockchain.rpc.get_witness_by_account(account["id"]) if not witness: raise WitnessDoesNotExistsException(self.identifier) super(Witness, self).__init__(witness, blockchain_instance=self.blockchain)
@property def account(self): return self.account_class( self["witness_account"], blockchain_instance=self.blockchain ) @property def weight(self): if not self.is_active: return 0 else: account = self.account_class( "witness-account", blockchain_instance=self.blockchain ) threshold = account["active"]["weight_threshold"] weight = next( filter( lambda x: x[0] == self.account["id"], account["active"]["account_auths"], ) ) return float(weight[1]) / float(threshold) @property def is_active(self): account = self.account_class( "witness-account", blockchain_instance=self.blockchain ) return self.account["id"] in [x[0] for x in account["active"]["account_auths"]] class Witnesses(BlockchainObjects, AbstractBlockchainInstanceProvider): """ Obtain a list of **active** witnesses and the current schedule :param bool only_active: (False) Only return witnesses that are actively producing blocks :param instance blockchain_instance: instance to use when accesing a RPC """ def __init__(self, *args, only_active=False, lazy=False, **kwargs): self.define_classes() assert self.account_class assert self.witness_class self.lazy = lazy self.only_active = only_active super().__init__(*args, **kwargs)
[docs] def refresh(self, *args, **kwargs): self.schedule = self.blockchain.rpc.get_object("2.12.0").get( "current_shuffled_witnesses", [] ) witnesses = [ self.witness_class(x, lazy=self.lazy, blockchain_instance=self.blockchain) for x in self.schedule ] if self.only_active: account = self.account_class( "witness-account", blockchain_instance=self.blockchain ) filter_by = [x[0] for x in account["active"]["account_auths"]] witnesses = list( filter(lambda x: x["witness_account"] in filter_by, witnesses) )
def __contains__(self, item): if self.witness_class.objectid_valid(item): id = item elif isinstance(item, self.account_class): id = item["id"] else: account = self.account_class(item, blockchain_instance=self.blockchain) id = account["id"] return any([id == x["id"] for x in self]) or any( [id == x["witness_account"] for x in self] )