Source code for bitshares.genesisbalance

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from .account import Account
from .instance import BlockchainInstance
from graphenecommon.genesisbalance import (
    GenesisBalance as GrapheneGenesisBalance,
    GenesisBalances as GrapheneGenesisBalances,

from bitsharesbase.account import Address, PublicKey
from bitsharesbase import operations

[docs]@BlockchainInstance.inject class GenesisBalance(GrapheneGenesisBalance): """ Read data about a Genesis Balances from the chain. :param str identifier: identifier of the balance :param bitshares blockchain_instance: bitshares() instance to use when accesing a RPC """ type_id = 15
[docs] def define_classes(self): self.account_class = Account self.operations = operations self.address_class = Address self.publickey_class = PublicKey
[docs]@BlockchainInstance.inject class GenesisBalances(GrapheneGenesisBalances): """List genesis balances that can be claimed from the keys in the wallet."""
[docs] def define_classes(self): self.genesisbalance_class = GenesisBalance self.publickey_class = PublicKey self.address_class = Address