Source code for graphenecommon.proposal

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import logging

from .blockchainobject import BlockchainObject, BlockchainObjects
from .exceptions import ProposalDoesNotExistException
from .instance import AbstractBlockchainInstanceProvider
from .utils import parse_time

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

class Proposal(BlockchainObject, AbstractBlockchainInstanceProvider):
    """ Read data about a Proposal Balance in the chain

        :param str id: Id of the proposal
        :param instance blockchain_instance: instance to use when accesing a RPC


    def __init__(self, data, *args, **kwargs):
        assert self.account_class
        BlockchainObject.__init__(self, data, *args, **kwargs)

[docs] def refresh(self): proposal = self.blockchain.rpc.get_objects([self.identifier]) if not any(proposal): raise ProposalDoesNotExistException super(Proposal, self).__init__(proposal[0], blockchain_instance=self.blockchain)
@property def proposed_operations(self): yield from self["proposed_transaction"]["operations"] @property def proposer(self): """ Return the proposer of the proposal if available in the backend, else returns None """ if "proposer" in self: return self.account_class( self["proposer"], blockchain_instance=self.blockchain ) @property def expiration(self): return parse_time(self.get("expiration_time")) @property def review_period(self): return parse_time(self.get("review_period_time")) @property def is_in_review(self): from datetime import datetime, timezone now = datetime.utcnow().replace(tzinfo=timezone.utc) return now > self.review_period class Proposals(BlockchainObjects, AbstractBlockchainInstanceProvider): """ Obtain a list of pending proposals for an account :param str account: Account name :param instance blockchain_instance: instance to use when accesing a RPC """ def __init__(self, account, *args, **kwargs): self.define_classes() assert self.account_class assert self.proposal_class assert isinstance(account, str) self.identifier = account BlockchainObjects.__init__(self, account, *args, **kwargs)
[docs] def refresh(self, *args, **kwargs): account = self.account_class(self.identifier) proposals = self.blockchain.rpc.get_proposed_transactions(account["id"]) data = [ self.proposal_class(x, blockchain_instance=self.blockchain) for x in proposals ], account["id"]), account["name"])