Source code for graphenecommon.asset

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from .blockchainobject import BlockchainObject
from .exceptions import AssetDoesNotExistsException
from .instance import AbstractBlockchainInstanceProvider

class Asset(BlockchainObject, AbstractBlockchainInstanceProvider):
    """ Deals with Assets of the network.

        :param str Asset: Symbol name or object id of an asset
        :param bool lazy: Lazy loading
        :param bool full: Also obtain bitasset-data and dynamic asset data
        :param instance blockchain_instance: instance to use when accesing a RPC
        :returns: All data of an asset
        :rtype: dict

        .. note:: This class comes with its own caching function to reduce the
                  load on the API server. Instances of this class can be
                  refreshed with ``Asset.refresh()``.

    def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
        assert self.type_id

        self.full = kwargs.pop("full", False)
        BlockchainObject.__init__(self, *args, **kwargs)

[docs] def refresh(self): """ Refresh the data from the API server """ asset = self.blockchain.rpc.get_asset(self.identifier) if not asset: raise AssetDoesNotExistsException(self.identifier) super(Asset, self).__init__(asset, blockchain_instance=self.blockchain) if self.full: if "bitasset_data_id" in asset: self["bitasset_data"] = self.blockchain.rpc.get_object( asset["bitasset_data_id"] ) self["dynamic_asset_data"] = self.blockchain.rpc.get_object( asset["dynamic_asset_data_id"] )
@property def is_fully_loaded(self): """ Is this instance fully loaded / e.g. all data available? """ return self.full and "bitasset_data_id" in self and "bitasset_data" in self @property def symbol(self): return self["symbol"] @property def precision(self): return self["precision"] @property def is_bitasset(self): """ Is the asset a market pegged asset? """ return "bitasset_data_id" in self @property def permissions(self): """ List the permissions for this asset that the issuer can obtain """ return self["permissions"] @property def flags(self): """ List the permissions that are currently used (flags) """ return self["flags"]
[docs] def ensure_full(self): if not self.is_fully_loaded: self.full = True self.refresh()
[docs] def update_cer(self, cer, account=None, **kwargs): """ Update the Core Exchange Rate (CER) of an asset """ assert callable(self.blockchain.update_cer) return self.blockchain.update_cer( self["symbol"], cer, account=account, **kwargs )