Source code for bitshares.notify

import logging

from bitsharesapi.websocket import BitSharesWebsocket
from events import Events

from .account import AccountUpdate
from .instance import BlockchainInstance
from .market import Market
from .price import FilledOrder, Order, UpdateCallOrder

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
# logging.basicConfig(level=logging.DEBUG)

[docs]class Notify(Events): """ Notifications on Blockchain events. :param list accounts: Account names/ids to be notified about when changing :param list markets: Instances of :class:`` that identify markets to be monitored :param list objects: Object ids to be notified about when changed :param fnt on_tx: Callback that will be called for each transaction received :param fnt on_block: Callback that will be called for each block received :param fnt on_account: Callback that will be called for changes of the listed accounts :param fnt on_market: Callback that will be called for changes of the listed markets :param bitshares.bitshares.BitShares blockchain_instance: BitShares instance **Example** .. code-block:: python from pprint import pprint from bitshares.notify import Notify from import Market notify = Notify( markets=["TEST:GOLD"], accounts=["xeroc"], on_market=print, on_account=print, on_block=print, on_tx=print ) notify.listen() """ __events__ = ["on_tx", "on_object", "on_block", "on_account", "on_market"] def __init__( self, accounts=[], markets=[], objects=[], on_tx=None, on_object=None, on_block=None, on_account=None, on_market=None, keep_alive=25, **kwargs ): # Events super(Notify, self).__init__() = Events() # BitShares instance BlockchainInstance.__init__(self, **kwargs) # Callbacks if on_tx: self.on_tx += on_tx if on_object: self.on_object += on_object if on_block: self.on_block += on_block if on_account: self.on_account += on_account if on_market: self.on_market += on_market # Open the websocket self.websocket = BitSharesWebsocket( urls=self.blockchain.rpc.urls, user=self.blockchain.rpc.user, password=self.blockchain.rpc.password, accounts=accounts, markets=self.get_market_ids(markets), objects=objects, on_tx=on_tx, on_object=on_object, on_block=on_block, on_account=self.process_account, on_market=self.process_market, keep_alive=keep_alive, )
[docs] def get_market_ids(self, markets): # Markets market_ids = [] for market_name in markets: market = Market(market_name, blockchain_instance=self.blockchain) market_ids.append([market["base"]["id"], market["quote"]["id"]]) return market_ids
[docs] def reset_subscriptions(self, accounts=[], markets=[], objects=[]): """Change the subscriptions of a running Notify instance """ self.websocket.reset_subscriptions( accounts, self.get_market_ids(markets), objects )
[docs] def close(self): """Cleanly close the Notify instance """ self.websocket.close()
[docs] def process_market(self, data): """ This method is used for post processing of market notifications. It will return instances of either * :class:`bitshares.price.Order` or * :class:`bitshares.price.FilledOrder` or * :class:`bitshares.price.UpdateCallOrder` Also possible are limit order updates (margin calls) """ for d in data: if not d: continue if isinstance(d, str): # Single order has been placed log.debug("Calling on_market with Order()") self.on_market(Order(d, blockchain_instance=self.blockchain)) continue elif isinstance(d, dict): d = [d] # Orders have been matched for p in d: if not isinstance(p, list): p = [p] for i in p: if isinstance(i, dict): if "pays" in i and "receives" in i: self.on_market( FilledOrder(i, blockchain_instance=self.blockchain) ) elif "for_sale" in i and "sell_price" in i: self.on_market( Order(i, blockchain_instance=self.blockchain) ) elif "collateral" in i and "call_price" in i: self.on_market( UpdateCallOrder(i, blockchain_instance=self.blockchain) ) else: if i: log.error("Unknown market update type: %s" % i)
[docs] def process_account(self, message): """ This is used for processing of account Updates. It will return instances of :class:bitshares.account.AccountUpdate` """ self.on_account(AccountUpdate(message, blockchain_instance=self.blockchain))
[docs] def listen(self): """ This call initiates the listening/notification process. It behaves similar to ``run_forever()``. """ self.websocket.run_forever()