Source code for bitshares.notify

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import logging

from bitsharesapi.websocket import BitSharesWebsocket
from events import Events

from .account import AccountUpdate
from .instance import BlockchainInstance
from .market import Market
from .price import FilledOrder, Order, UpdateCallOrder

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
# logging.basicConfig(level=logging.DEBUG)

[docs]class Notify(Events, BlockchainInstance): """ Notifications on Blockchain events. :param list accounts: Account names/ids to be notified about when changing :param list markets: Instances of :class:`` that identify markets to be monitored :param list objects: Object ids to be notified about when changed :param fnt on_tx: Callback that will be called for each transaction received :param fnt on_block: Callback that will be called for each block received :param fnt on_account: Callback that will be called for changes of the listed accounts :param fnt on_market: Callback that will be called for changes of the listed markets :param bitshares.bitshares.BitShares blockchain_instance: BitShares instance **Example** .. code-block:: python from pprint import pprint from bitshares.notify import Notify from import Market notify = Notify( markets=["TEST:GOLD"], accounts=["xeroc"], on_market=print, on_account=print, on_block=print, on_tx=print ) notify.listen() """ __events__ = ["on_tx", "on_object", "on_block", "on_account", "on_market"] def __init__( self, accounts=[], markets=[], objects=[], on_tx=None, on_object=None, on_block=None, on_account=None, on_market=None, keep_alive=25, **kwargs ): # Events super(Notify, self).__init__() = Events() # BitShares instance BlockchainInstance.__init__(self, **kwargs) # Callbacks if on_tx: self.on_tx += on_tx if on_object: self.on_object += on_object if on_block: self.on_block += on_block if on_account: self.on_account += on_account if on_market: self.on_market += on_market # Open the websocket self.websocket = BitSharesWebsocket( urls=self.blockchain.rpc.urls, user=self.blockchain.rpc.user, password=self.blockchain.rpc.password, accounts=accounts, markets=self.get_market_ids(markets), objects=objects, on_tx=on_tx, on_object=on_object, on_block=on_block, on_account=self.process_account, on_market=self.process_market, keep_alive=keep_alive, )
[docs] def get_market_ids(self, markets): # Markets market_ids = [] for market_name in markets: market = Market(market_name, blockchain_instance=self.blockchain) market_ids.append([market["base"]["id"], market["quote"]["id"]]) return market_ids
[docs] def reset_subscriptions(self, accounts=[], markets=[], objects=[]): """Change the subscriptions of a running Notify instance """ self.websocket.reset_subscriptions( accounts, self.get_market_ids(markets), objects )
[docs] def close(self): """Cleanly close the Notify instance """ self.websocket.close()
[docs] def process_market(self, data): """ This method is used for post processing of market notifications. It will return instances of either * :class:`bitshares.price.Order` or * :class:`bitshares.price.FilledOrder` or * :class:`bitshares.price.UpdateCallOrder` Also possible are limit order updates (margin calls) """ for d in data: if not d: continue if isinstance(d, str): # Single order has been placed log.debug("Calling on_market with Order()") self.on_market(Order(d, blockchain_instance=self.blockchain)) continue elif isinstance(d, dict): d = [d] # Orders have been matched for p in d: if not isinstance(p, list): p = [p] for i in p: if isinstance(i, dict): if "pays" in i and "receives" in i: self.on_market( FilledOrder(i, blockchain_instance=self.blockchain) ) elif "for_sale" in i and "sell_price" in i: self.on_market( Order(i, blockchain_instance=self.blockchain) ) elif "collateral" in i and "call_price" in i: self.on_market( UpdateCallOrder(i, blockchain_instance=self.blockchain) ) else: if i: log.error("Unknown market update type: %s" % i)
[docs] def process_account(self, message): """ This is used for processing of account Updates. It will return instances of :class:bitshares.account.AccountUpdate` """ self.on_account(AccountUpdate(message, blockchain_instance=self.blockchain))
[docs] def listen(self): """ This call initiates the listening/notification process. It behaves similar to ``run_forever()``. """ self.websocket.run_forever()