Source code for bitshares.blockchain

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from .block import Block
from .instance import BlockchainInstance
from bitsharesbase import operationids
from graphenecommon.blockchain import Blockchain as GrapheneBlockchain

[docs]@BlockchainInstance.inject class Blockchain(GrapheneBlockchain): """ This class allows to access the blockchain and read data from it. :param bitshares.bitshares.BitShares blockchain_instance: BitShares instance :param str mode: (default) Irreversible block (``irreversible``) or actual head block (``head``) :param int max_block_wait_repetition: (default) 3 maximum wait time for next block ismax_block_wait_repetition * block_interval This class let's you deal with blockchain related data and methods. """
[docs] def define_classes(self): self.block_class = Block self.operationids = operationids