Source code for bitshares.block

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from .instance import BlockchainInstance
from graphenecommon.block import (
    Block as GrapheneBlock,
    BlockHeader as GrapheneBlockHeader,

[docs]@BlockchainInstance.inject class Block(GrapheneBlock): """ Read a single block from the chain :param int block: block number :param bitshares.bitshares.BitShares blockchain_instance: BitShares instance :param bool lazy: Use lazy loading Instances of this class are dictionaries that come with additional methods (see below) that allow dealing with a block and it's corresponding functions. .. code-block:: python from bitshares.block import Block block = Block(1) print(block) .. note:: This class comes with its own caching function to reduce the load on the API server. Instances of this class can be refreshed with ``Account.refresh()``. """
[docs] def define_classes(self): self.type_id = "-none-"
[docs]@BlockchainInstance.inject class BlockHeader(GrapheneBlockHeader):
[docs] def define_classes(self): self.type_id = "-none-"