Source code for bitshares.account

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from .amount import Amount
from .instance import BlockchainInstance
from graphenecommon.account import (
    Account as GrapheneAccount,
    AccountUpdate as GrapheneAccountUpdate,
from bitsharesbase import operations

[docs]@BlockchainInstance.inject class Account(GrapheneAccount): """ This class allows to easily access Account data :param str account_name: Name of the account :param bitshares.bitshares.BitShares blockchain_instance: BitShares instance :param bool full: Obtain all account data including orders, positions, etc. :param bool lazy: Use lazy loading :param bool full: Obtain all account data including orders, positions, etc. :returns: Account data :rtype: dictionary :raises bitshares.exceptions.AccountDoesNotExistsException: if account does not exist Instances of this class are dictionaries that come with additional methods (see below) that allow dealing with an account and it's corresponding functions. .. code-block:: python from bitshares.account import Account account = Account("init0") print(account) .. note:: This class comes with its own caching function to reduce the load on the API server. Instances of this class can be refreshed with ``Account.refresh()``. """
[docs] def define_classes(self): self.type_id = 2 self.amount_class = Amount self.operations = operations
@property def call_positions(self): """ Alias for :func:bitshares.account.Account.callpositions """ return self.callpositions() @property def callpositions(self): """ List call positions (collateralized positions :doc:`mpa`) """ self.ensure_full() from .dex import Dex dex = Dex(blockchain_instance=self.blockchain) return dex.list_debt_positions(self) @property def openorders(self): """ Returns open Orders """ from .price import Order self.ensure_full() return [ Order(o, blockchain_instance=self.blockchain) for o in self["limit_orders"] ]
[docs]@BlockchainInstance.inject class AccountUpdate(GrapheneAccountUpdate): """ This purpose of this class is to keep track of account updates as they are pushed through by :class:`bitshares.notify.Notify`. Instances of this class are dictionaries and take the following form: .. code-block: js {'id': '2.6.29', 'lifetime_fees_paid': '44261516129', 'most_recent_op': '2.9.0', 'owner': '1.2.29', 'pending_fees': 0, 'pending_vested_fees': 16310, 'total_core_in_orders': '6788845277634', 'total_ops': 0} """
[docs] def define_classes(self): self.account_class = Account